Sometimes, meeting a deponent face-to-face just isn’t an option. Video conferencing can save you time, travel expenses and hassles by allowing you to conduct the deposition wherever your witness is located.

Video conferencing also provides a higher quality connection than a telephonic deposition and its audio is clearer. This helps the court reporter make a better record of the proceedings.

We remove the technical barriers between conference room systems, computers, mobile devices, browsers and applications, providing secure, HD connections for depositions, sworn statements, and other litigation events when travel just doesn’t make sense.

Our web-based mobile video conferencing solution allows users to securely join a meeting wherever there is an Internet connection. It also provides seamless room system compatibility so that individuals can join meetings from Dolby, Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize and other H.323 or SIP-based room systems with ease.

If you would prefer to have a place to meet, come to our beautiful offices in Marlton, just 30 minutes from Philadelphia International Airport.

Our video conferencing suite in Marlton features:

  • Polycom
  • PRI Circuits
  • Document Camera
  • Business Fios Internet Access
  • Remote Camera Control

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