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As one of our many deposition services, we offer realtime technology which enables you to read, search, and annotate the
testimony using a computer, phone, or tablet during the question-and-answer session.

The benefits of realtime are invaluable. You now have an instant display of what is being said by a witness and you will be able to concentrate on the deposition rather than taking notes. You can also mark specific answers and easily return to it at a later time.

Now you can easily collaborate with co-counsel, experts, or team members who are unable to attend the deposition in person.

Schedule a realtime reporter for your next deposition!

Daily and Expedited Transcripts

Do you have another deposition scheduled tomorrow or later in the week and need the certified transcript as a reference?

We are always happy to offer daily and expedited delivery to help you win your case.

Rough Drafts

While they may not be perfect, a rough draft represents the text captured by court reporters before it has been edited or proofed.

They are useful in preparing for hearings, drafting deposition summaries or for reference in subsequent depositions.


All your deposition transcripts, synchronized videos, linked exhibits and documents stored in a secure, online, always-available repository.

Everything is accessible with your browser and an Internet connection - no software licenses to purchase or manage.

Hyperlinked Exhibits

Your exhibit files are embedded in the single PDF transcript file. Each reference to an exhibit is hyperlinked to the exhibit document and opens with a click. Each exhibit is also listed in the bookmarks section with a comprehensive list of back-links to each page the exhibit is referenced upon.

The transcript is now hyperlinked to the exhibit files and the exhibit files are hyperlinked back to all the transcript references.

Interpreting Services

Let us know what language your witness speaks and we will schedule an interpreter for you.

Video Conferencing

Sometimes, meeting a deponent face-to-face just isn’t an option. Video conferencing can save you time, travel expenses and hassles by allowing you to conduct the deposition wherever your witness is located.

Video conferencing also provides a higher quality connection than a telephonic deposition and its audio is clearer. This helps the court reporter make a better record of the

Legal Video

Video depositions capture the demeanor of your witness — their reactions and expressions, tones, pauses — which can effectively communicate more than the written word and aid in helping to win a case. Not only that, it also records your opponent’s objections, behavior and actions.

Gain a competitive advantage and better serve your client by video-recording your next deposition.

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