YesLaw Online is a web-based repository for all your deposition content. Secure, wherever access to view and download transcripts and exhibit documents. View, edit and share deposition video online.

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Organization of Case Material

Case material is presented in a familiar “case tree” structure with each case a separate entry in the case tree at the highest level in the hierarchy.

Within each matter, material is then organized with like material. Transcripts are located in a folder named “Transcripts.”  In the Transcripts folder, each deposition transcript is listed by deponent and date of deposition. Exhibits can be accessed by clicking the “Exhibits” folder.

To download a file, click the download icon in the “Action” column to the right of the filename. To download several files at once, place a check in the box to the left of the files you want to download and click “Download.” If more than one file is downloaded at the same time, they will be saved to a .zip file.

For additional information, please feel free to reference these helpful YesLaw training videos

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