Comprehensive Scheduling
From conference room reservations to coordinating videography and interpreter services, one call covers it all, including nationwide scheduling. Conveniently schedule online, by email [email protected], or by phone (609) 346-3036. We look forward to scheduling your next deposition or other litigation event!


Daily and Expedited Transcripts
Do you have another deposition scheduled tomorrow or later in the week and need the certified transcript as a reference? We are always happy to offer daily and expedited delivery to help you win your case.


Rough Draft Transcriptions
While they may not be perfect, a rough draft represents the text captured by court reporters before it has been edited or proofed. They are useful in preparing for hearings, drafting deposition summaries or for reference in subsequent depositions.


As one of our many deposition services, we offer realtime technology which enables you to read, search, and annotate the testimony using a computer, phone, or tablet during the question-and-answer session. The benefits of realtime are invaluable. You now have an instant display of what is being said by a witness and you will be able to concentrate on the deposition rather than taking notes. You can also mark specific answers and easily return to it at a later time. Now you can easily collaborate with co-counsel, experts, or team members who are unable to attend the deposition in person. Schedule a realtime reporter for your next deposition!


Multiple File Formats Included In Our Electronic Package

  • PDF Full-Size (.pdf)
  • PDF Bundle (.pdf)
  • E-Transcript (.ptx)
  • ASCII (.txt)
  • Summation ASCII (.txt)
  • LiveNote (.lef)
  • Sanction (.mdb)
  • Microsoft Word (upon request)


The PDF bundle includes the condensed transcript, hyperlinked word index, hyperlinked exhibits when ordered (OCR searchable at no extra charge), and ASCII text file. Other bundled files include Summation ASCII, LiveNote, and Sanction files.


Document Imaging
We scan your exhibits for easy access, and we make all scanned exhibits OCR-searchable at no extra cost. Call for pricing on special projects.


Fast & Easy GREEN Delivery
Save shipping and handling by having your order delivered by email — transcript copies, scanned exhibits, and invoice — with no need to log in.

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Schedule Your Deposition Today

Schedule your deposition online at any time.  If your deposition is within 48 hours, please call (609) 346-3036.